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PathLegal has simplified and listed many lawyers in United States as per their specialization. Just by choosing the state/city and subject, you will be guided to the list of attorneys United States .

Lawyers in United States Lawyers in United States

Attorney Gilmanlaw, Lawyer in Lunenburg - Lunenburg
Experience (years): 10
Languages Known: English
Specializations: attorney gilman is an experienced license suspension and criminal defense attorney.
Attorney Joseph L. Benson II, Esq., Lawyer in Reno - Reno
Experience (years): 20
Languages Known: English
Specializations: personal injury law
Attorney Laura Baysinger , Lawyer in Tulsa -
Experience (years): 27
Languages Known: English
Specializations: litigation
Attorney Jad J. Stepp, Lawyer in Houston -
Experience (years): 35
Specializations: family
Attorney Jeremiah Johns, Lawyer in Houston -
Experience (years):
Specializations: legal subjects
Attorney Cross Country Moving Group , Lawyer in Delray Beach - Florida
Experience (years): 3
Languages Known: English
Specializations: moving
Attorney Shanahan & Voigt, LLC, Lawyer in Flemington -
Experience (years):
Specializations: legal service
Attorney Persaud Law Office, Lawyer in Bartlesville - Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States
Experience (years): 11
Specializations: family attorney, immigration attorney, civil law
Attorney Michael D. Conroy, Lawyer in Covington -
Experience (years): 36
Languages Known: English
Specializations: family law, elder law, criminal defense, contested successions
Attorney Thomas M. Kiley, Lawyer in Andover -
Experience (years): 40
Languages Known: English
Specializations: personal injury
Attorney Roxane Kaye, Lawyer in Grand Blanc - Saginaw
Experience (years): 8
Languages Known: English
Specializations: estate planning, personal injury, real estate transactions, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankrup
Attorney Kennedy Lee, Lawyer in Las Vegas -
Experience (years):
Specializations: probate; estate planning; wills & trusts
Attorney Caroline M. Munley, Lawyer in Philadelphia - Personal Injury Lawyer
Experience (years): 14
Languages Known: English
Specializations: car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, worker's compensation, worker's comp,
Attorney Josh Sanford, Lawyer in Little Rock -
Experience (years):
Specializations: labor and employment law
Attorney Goldman Law, Lawyer in Phoenix -
Experience (years): 15
Specializations: divorce lawyer
Attorney Marc Newman, Lawyer in Rochester -
Experience (years):
Specializations: legal subjects
Attorney Shea Kohl, Lawyer in Charles Nagel -
Experience (years):
Specializations: family, divorce, personal injury, dui
Attorney Miller Law Detroit, Lawyer in Detroit -
Experience (years):
Specializations: legal subjects

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