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Payday loan charging high interest Banking 0 min(s) ago

Hello sir I took personal loan from one app quikcredit...due to some problems payment delayed I took 10000rs for one month they asking 14000rs and now...


Salary not processed Labor 1 min(s) ago

Hi, I am Karthik P, About my salary not processed for three months.. I want to file labour act and cheating case and provide you the details.


Me and my girlfriend was loving 8 years Maritime law 1 min(s) ago

Me and my girlfriend was loving 8 years.. suddenly her parents forced her and married to someone two days before..she is telling me she is going to commit...


HUF Property in Bank for Private Limited Company HUF Karta is the Dir Civil 41 min(s) ago

How can mortgage HUF Property in Bank for Private Limited Company HUF Karta is the Director of the Private limited Company. HUF is personal Guarantee....


Exposing my bike number without my knowledge. Motor Vehicle 45 min(s) ago

Without my knowledge a video made using my bike (number plate exposed) and shared in social platform.i would like to know how to legally move this. Compromise...

file complaint to the portal .click likeView

प्रॉपर्टी, क्रिमिनल व मान ANY 1 hour(s) ago

महोदय, मैंने अपना प्रश्न आपकी फ्री लीगल एडवाइस सर्विस...


Addition of New member to the society Property 1 hour(s) ago

My father along with me a residents of a housing society in Mumbai since 1976. The flat which we stay is not our name but my dads brother name. There...

Dear client, as per Apartments act, the entire flat will be treated as one. So the question of separate ownership does not arise. Simply u can execute...View

Reply for previous wues Civil 1 hour(s) ago

Yes i had physical relations with him for the past 3 years and he has taken around 1 lakh rs from me for his buisness purpose. He didnt promise me marriage...

Then it is rape file FIR and case on him for breach of trust and for the refund of money with interest.View

How can mortgage HUF Property in Bank for Term Loan. Civil 2 hour(s) ago

How can mortgage HUF Property in Bank for Term Loan. banks says said property is not mortgage. so i am mortgage of property are not ?

Sorry not possible. talk to your CA in person.View

प्रॉपर्टी , मान हानि व मेरे Property 3 hour(s) ago

महोदय, 1-मेरे दीवानी कोर्ट रामपुर यूपी में जमीन संबंधित 2 वाद...

Sir ye sab bate massage se nahi ho sakti . Call kare between 9 to 11 ya kisi bhi DJ court le vakil se in person milke baat kare.View

Problem causing from neighbour Environmental 3 hour(s) ago

Bad smell coming from neighbours all the drainage from the building is let to the trees near our compound so disgusting smell chidrens cant even play and...

Best to file application before executive magistrate under 144 crpc View

Sexual harassment but lower gravity Criminal 3 hour(s) ago

What is the maximum punishment in sexual harassment cases according to ccs rules?

Stop being lawyer contact lawyer in person .View

Who will be the legal hier if a female is dead The son or the remarrie Property 3 hour(s) ago

Who will be the legal hier after the death of a female? The son who is now 18 yrs old or the husband who has remarried and living with his new wife and...

Only the son .no one else. With the mother death certificate he will get the legal heir certificate from the municipal corporation and get the property...View

8 month salary not paid Labor 4 hour(s) ago

i joined one company (Recruitment Agency ) on Dec 2017 worked till April 2019. My Sal 10k month. from June 2018 to April 2019 they are not paid my...

Sir go for FIR and file case at labour commissioner in person.View



Sir first stop frustration . As what ever you have written here no two statements have connections si confusing better contact lawyer in person.View

Cheating and fraud case Civil 9 hour(s) ago

My boyfriend for the past 3 years has cheated on me by secretly marrying in his hometown 3 months back. Hr didnt tell me and I get know this through one...

yes.. File police complain of cheating, breach of promise for marriage, rape in police station. click like giftView

Need certified Death Certificate Family 9 hour(s) ago

I need certified death certifictaes for my mother who passed away in Mangalore onJanuary 17, 2020

apply in muncipal office of your city. click like giftView

Mental torture by husband Family 10 hour(s) ago

Hi, I hav been married for 3 yrs for now. And I don’t think I can take this relationship further anymore. My husband has no interest on me, he don’t...

contact me i will advice you to end that relationship. click like giftView

case status under section 439 Criminal 11 hour(s) ago

in one of case i got bail , now when i see the status it shows case status:- disposed and nature of disposal:- uncontested -rejected, what does it means...

rejected means your bail is rejected . click like giftView

Case Disposed - Contested-- Decreed with cost Civil 12 hour(s) ago

Hi, We have a case on our home where the opposite party's name is in Petitioner and my dad's name is in Respondent. I checked the case status online...

The petitioner i.e., the opposite party has filed a case against you before the court of law seeking relief against you...The court has passed the Judgment...View

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