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need a divorce Family 30 Dec 2012

I am looking for information on getting a divorce in the Caras-Severin area. I will not be able to come to Romania at this time so will need someone to...


how to lacate a person in USA International Law 7 Dec 2012

Pl. delete yesterday question starting MANMOHAN SINGH . This is corect one. How to lacate a person in USA MANMOHAN...

Instructions [file a criminal or maintenance case against his ,mentioning last known address.] 1 Gather all the information you have on the person you\'re...View

How to locate a person in USA having 25 6505 International Law 7 Dec 2012

MANMOHAN SINGH having 25 6505 was serving in Detroit when he gave divorce to my daughter ,when her child was 3 yr. old. My daughter then shifted...

Instructions [ file a criminal case against his, mentioning last known address.] 1 Gather all the information you have on the person you\'re looking...View

Shortest path to divorce Family 25 Nov 2012

i am married for 2 1/2 years and have a 1 year old son. Me and my wife have irreconcible differences and just are not made for each other. What is the...


juristiction for filing divorce Family 31 Oct 2012

Couple who are indian nationals got married & registered in India. Now settled in the U.S . They would like to divorce by mutual consent. Can they file...

you can divorce by mutual consent in U.s.The specific time limits that you or your spouse must have lived in your state (and possibly county) are expl...View

Can I be sued for leaving project (using email agreement) Business 30 Oct 2012

I am working (as a software developer) for a US company owner and I work over internet from INDIA (I communicate by skype and email only). I have no...


Verbal harassment of a USA green card holder. International Law 17 Oct 2012

I was an international student at Los Angeles City College California. Now I am in Sri Lanka because there is a family in Torrance was harassed me a lot...


treatment International Law 27 Sep 2012

Dual diagnosis - National Therapeutic Services Inc. is a nationally recognized drug rehab center offering mental health and addiction services in Orange...


Appeal Texas Unemployment to Civil Court ANY 29 Aug 2012

Have been unfairly treated and been convicted of $1120 false Texas unemployment claim need to protect my reputation no criminal charges yet.


gift deed without warranty Property 19 Aug 2012

my mom 85 at the time went and did a gift deed without warranty its a life estate now she regrets it can she cancel it the property were on my dads estate...


my file 106FL-132645, is this divorce done or not Family 3 Aug 2012

i need this informn 2 make furthur decidions


Battery Case in US Consumer Protection 28 Jul 2012

I have a battery case files in US one year back. I failed to attend to court. So as per the records arrest warrent is there on me. I stay in india. I would...


i want to take divorce in miami as soon as possible International Law 20 Jul 2012

i live in india,and take care of my wife is living in miami and work there.she is living there for the last4 yrs.I go there for 2-3 months in a...


can indian court place order to any american agency to hand International Law 16 Jul 2012

i have placed some legal documents in a private storage ( sort of locker ) at philedelphia USA. The documents are related to family matter and can prove...

No it is beyond jurisdiction.View

Is A4V ( Acceptance for Value) a viable way to pay a debt . Property 15 Jul 2012

If one have a debt, and bill is presented for payment, can one do acceptance for value and properly endorse and returne it as a payment.


Divorce Family 13 Jul 2012

How much does it cost to get a simple uncontested divorce in kingston, Jamaica


Status Maritime law 10 Jul 2012

I married to uS citizen girl in india in 2009 Iwent us in March-11 and got green card and 10 now my wife has affair and we want divorce is it...


tax attorney for my company Tax 4 Jul 2012

hello, I am looking for a tax attorney for my company tax matters. Thanks, Tony


reg. F B I. inquiry Ritesh shetty's death case in feb 2003 Human Rights 24 Jun 2012

my son was kidnapped & killed and hunged in six mile gorges . body was found after 5months in feb2003. cornell police said it was suicide. i have contradicted....


Does my salary need to be disclosed Labor 10 Jun 2012

I am a recreation manager for a residential community. Recently, an ADHOC committee was formed in the community. They have tried to make inquires from...

The committee was not empowered to enter into an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce; however, I have been informed that the committee was appointed...View

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