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Person Already Married in US, trying getting married again Human Rights 2 Nov 2013

Deshdeep Singh Mahendru as per his statements was born and brought up in Delhi adrress C-332 Defence Colony and have moved to America 12 years ago and...


cheating case for used cars Motor Vehicle 29 Oct 2013

i just want to thank you for opening my eyes


Divorce Family 19 Oct 2013

Can you recommend a lawyer in bay-area California who can help me file divorce. My wife is nepali citizen and iam indian citizen living in Pleasanton...


How to open a US company from India Business 10 Oct 2013

We have our partner in US,what r de dicument required, amount, time period to open a bank acct etc. pls inform, its extreme urgent


How to open an US company from India. International Law 10 Oct 2013

How to open an US company from India. We have a partner (US resident-permanent) in US want to form a \'S\' type corporation in US. How to proceed?


would you help me to waiver Criminal 4 Oct 2013

I was in New York where I was on Green card and pleaded guilty on conspiracy to distribute drugs and sentence 125 months. I served my sentence and deported...


Validity of getting divorce in US Family 30 Sep 2013

Dear Sir, this is a request on behalf of my elder brother who is resident of US. My brother and his wife decided to get divorce. He is green card holder....


Regarding divorce Family 26 Sep 2013

How to avoid child custody and child visitation court orders in California


Divorce decree valid in India What should girl do Family 22 Sep 2013

couple got marriage registered in USA and also got married according to Hindu Marriage Act in India, both are domicile of India presently working in USA...


how can i take legal action against my realty management Environmental 21 Sep 2013

I lease a studio apartment in Zara Realty Management at Sep 2012. Since than the heater in my apartment is not working. When It turn on it make some extreme...


Does Macau recognize alimony ordered by a Connecticut court Civil 14 Sep 2013

I divorced and have to pay alimony to my ex based on an order by Connecticut Superior Court. If I move to Macau for a new job, I wonder if Macau would...


married to a peruvian citizen who last resided in piura Family 30 Aug 2013

Hello and thank you for your time. In 2007, I married a Peruvian citizen in Lima. Unfortunately, things did not work out between us and I have not heard...


retribution from insurance company for car accident Insurance 21 Aug 2013

i was in a car accident april 26th 2013 i was hospitalized for 12 days with a ruptured spleen hairline fracture of the L2 vertebra and spinal contusion....


Sueing my insurance company Insurance 20 Aug 2013

I need representation to sue my insurance company (USAA) because they refuse to honor my collision coverage. I am an American currently living in Vicenza,...


Online shopping refund Consumer Protection 12 Aug 2013

Ordered merchandise from online company, they sent completely incorrect order and are not willing refund my money upon return. I have been in contact with...


How can i save myself from false Dowry case. Maritime law 29 Jul 2013

How can i save myself from \"false Dowry case\", which my wife is threatening me to log against me. Currently I am in US and my wife is also with me on...


Regarding divorce Family 18 Jul 2013

Our Marriage was done in India since 4 years ago.My inlaws and husband harrased me for dowry after I came to US and now he has filed a divorce in California...

file a case in indian court under restitution of conjugal rights.exparte order of foreign court not maintainable in this case in indian court. contact...View

Do I have to leave the property now Property 17 Jul 2013

I borrowed secured loan putting my property in Cavite as security, the contract is due tomorrow and still I don't have the money to pay her. Can she get...


Inquiry about a property with register of deeds Intellectual Property 7 Jul 2013

I would like to inquire about a property that I have inherited from my parents which is located in Pagadian City. I need a lawyer to inquire at register...


Special Marriage Act Family 5 Jul 2013

Hi, Im a Hindu and my boyfriend is Christian. I live in the US & he currently resides in Chennai. I\'ll be in India for a month and we plan to get a registered...

Both parties are required to be present after submission of documents for issuance of public notice inviting objections. One copy of notice is pasted...View

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