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Husband travelling to India when have protective order here. Criminal 19 Jun 2013

I have protective order on my husband here in United States.But the court here is allowing him to go back to India.He can divorce me when he comes in India.We...


Child Support International Law 7 Jun 2013

Hello.I met a girl here and she got prgnant and now she has 2 year child. DNA tests proved am the biological father.If i repatriate back to India what...


Criminal and Divirce case filed against my husband in US Family 29 May 2013

Hi, I married my husband on 2007.Gone to US by 2008 and stayed there for 2 and half years. My husband ill treated and sent me back to my nation - INDIA...


Daughter\\\s rights during study Family 26 May 2013

Hello, I am divorced and I had the sole child custody. My daughter want to study in LA and during her study she wants to stay in her father\\\'s house....


How to null and void a marriage Family 10 May 2013

I just received a marriage certificate from the census that my husband is married in the Philippines. The girl according to my husband was 16yrs at that...


Reapply F-1 Visa with a Retail Theft Citation Criminal 7 May 2013

I am so hopeless and scared right now, please help me. I got a municipal citation for retail theft at walgreens. In wisconsin, madison. I didn't...


Bank allowed fraud Civil 28 Apr 2013

A bank allowed fraudulent withdrawals to be made from my account and I want to initiate a class action lawsuit against them.


whethrefund of alimony received after the date of marriage. International Law 25 Apr 2013

After the judgment of divorce was pronounced by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex county, my wife has remarried on 17-3-2010; and even after...


I need a new attorney and I am in Puerto Rico. Civil 24 Apr 2013

I am Princess, Delliccia Sherrell Honore-Richardson. I am diplomat who Governs in both Guyun and the United States and had very serious crimes committed...


Do you settle income tax debts Dif btwn you and debt relief Tax 19 Apr 2013

How do i lessen my income tax liabilities?


Domicile certificate of united states of america ANY 13 Apr 2013

I had already applied for Immigration visa and the consulate require domicile certificate of my mother as she is petitioner for me, she is green card holder...


Domicile certificate of united states of america International Law 13 Apr 2013

I had already applied for Immigration visa and the consulate require domicile certificate of my mother as she is petitioner for me, she is green card holder...


Fund Transfer from BOA after Account Holder Death International Law 6 Apr 2013

My Brother-In-Law(Indian)has account with BOA with his Sister as POA who is USA citizen.He has died in Jan 2005.His only Legal Son is India.What are the...


Divorce proceeding when married in USA Family 2 Apr 2013

How do I claim the mortgage money that I have paid for our residence house which is not in my name ? Basically, house is in the name of in-laws and husband,...


Indian Succession certificate + Foreign Assests Civil 24 Mar 2013

My father passed away last year and he died intestate (left no will).He was a NRI for a few years and he has a bank account in Singapore.The bank told...

you can obtain legal heir certificate from district magistrate and file in singapur court for succession certificate for singapur assets. View

Divorce by mutual consent Family 19 Mar 2013

Hi, My husband and I are looking for a divorce by mutual consent. Can you please guide on the process and procedure? We got married in Pune. Currently...

yes it is possible to carryout all the formalities within this document required. Rajesh kumar singh advocate PATHLEGAL VARANASI India. View

Female Baby Living with her mother Family 18 Mar 2013

Hi, I have my sister who is currently living in USA in Pittsburgh. Her husband and his family are having the female baby of my sister and they are...

file a case in family court in India on behalf of advocate. View

we are able for any compansation Accident 9 Mar 2013

my dad was expired in fire accident in new york on dated 15-july-1999, he was tourist in USA his from india we haven\'t claim for his death yet now because...

Sometimes, people or organizations can be held responsible for fires, such as when the fire is the result of improper building maintenance or the result...View

legal heir certificate from civil court in Hyderabad India Banking 8 Mar 2013

I am from Hyderabad settled in younger brother was disabled in a car accident in Ajmer he was brought to usa for treatment he died here.he was holding...

can i help you, Please visit-Rajesh kumar singh advocate,international lawyer. PATH LEGAL,INDIA View

Guy from consignment place sold furniture property of mine. Property 8 Mar 2013

What can I do to get money from him. He says he sold all of it Feb 2nd, 2013. Want to sue him. He no longer has my property and I havent recieved any payment....


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