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prosecuting for perjuryprosecuting for perjury

ANY »Posted 31 Aug 2011 Post Answer

legal question I was just recently served a restraining order from an ex boyfriend. I went to the court to get the affidavit to see what lies he must have told because I have not done a thing. I don\'t even live near him, and in another state (NY) If I can prove that something written in that statement he made under oath on the affidavit was a lie, then what are the chances of getting him for perjury? Other info I have......he has a criminal record, I have none. He got another restraining order against his last ex before me as well. I have police reports from when I lived with him and called 911 because he was abusive, and I moved away from him when I left to get away from him, to another state, over an hour away!
I feel that I not only need to win this hearing so the restraining order will be dismissed, but also to have him pay the price for perjury because he\'ll just go right out and do this again, either with me again or the next girlfriend, and I can prove that at least one of the things written in that affidavit is a lie. Do I have a chance??

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