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seeeking help to gain freedom ifnot just a fair and just trialseeeking help to gain freedom ifnot just a fair and just trial

Criminal »Posted 30 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question My daughter has been charged with first degree pre meditated murder.
A no contact order has been placed on her and mines relationship of mother and daughter.she was taking a plea and the order was dropped, over 14 month with no communication. when we started talking she had the support that she needed with her and she has withdrawn her plea and is seeking new counsel. But the major draw back was that the state decided to put the no contact order back in place. My daugheter was 45 days into her 18th year of life when this tragedy happened. she is now 19 and has been in county jail since March 16 of 2018. we are blindly going threw this and i am researching as much as possible. The order has hindered our progress and she is loosing he strength in this battle. Is there any motion I can file?
Also she has been in the same court room with the same Judge for this entire time. The co defendat has as well and he was given the Hard 50, the Judge has openly admitted in court that he was already biased in this case and that he would be picking the next appointed lawyer, is it not in 6th amendmant that no court or judge can give or cause counsel to be defective, that we have the right to a counsel that is effective and can carry out legal duties to the fulllest? I have found representation for her but he is not on the appointed pannel. This county only had 3 appointed lawyers that could handle a case of this degree and all of those lawyers have been exhausted on this case itself... Can i not file a motion to have her removed from this court and Judge and what can i do to ensure that she receives competant counsel? how would the lawyer I have found be placed on her case?

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