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Top lawyers in United States are listed as per the question & answer program by pathlegal. The rank of these legal experts are based on the customer rating given on the online answers provided by the lawyers. Each answer has an option where client can choose "like", accordingly whoever score more "like" would appear in the top rank list.

Advocate Kassel McVey

personal injury lawyer

Advocate Laurence J. Brock

family law, divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, collaborative family law

Advocate Philip Kim

criminal justice attorney

Advocate Joseph M. Lovretovich

personal injury law, employment law

Advocate Persaud Law Office

family attorney, immigration attorney, civil law

Advocate Scott Bocchio

debt harassment, personal injury

Advocate Gilmanlaw

attorney gilman is an experienced license suspension and criminal defense attorney.

Advocate Joseph L. Benson II, Esq.

personal injury law

Advocate Michael D. Conroy

family law, elder law, criminal defense, contested successions

Advocate Thomas M. Kiley

personal injury

Advocate Roxane Kaye

estate planning, personal injury, real estate transactions, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankrup

Advocate Kennedy Lee

probate; estate planning; wills & trusts

Advocate Caroline M. Munley

car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, worker's compensation, worker's comp,

Advocate Josh Sanford

labor and employment law

Advocate Goldman Law

divorce lawyer

Advocate Shea Kohl

family, divorce, personal injury, dui

Advocate David Finn, P.C.

criminal defense law

Advocate Brad Denton

criminal defense law

Advocate Aaron Bensinger

personal injury

Advocate Christopher Abrams

estate planning attorney, wills attorney, trusts attorney, probate law attorney, wealth planning att

Advocate Akopyan Law Firm, A.P.C.

employment law, personal injury law

Advocate Maurer Law

car accident attorney spokane, auto accident lawyer spokane wa, personal injury lawyer spokane wa, p

Advocate Robert Mckim Norris, Jr.

personal injury lawyer

Advocate JOS Family Law

family lawyer, child custody lawyer

Advocate Bradley Keffer

criminal, family, title ix, etc.

Advocate MoversDevelopment

"movers marketing, moving company marketing, movers web design, seo for moving companies, seo for mo

Advocate Pro Movers Miami

best moving companies in miami, commercial movers miami, coral springs movers,

Advocate Slominski Law

personal injury

Advocate Sandy Meizlish

personal injury

Advocate Gerald Robinson

family law, business law, employment law, real estate, estate planning

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